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PacketChat - About Us

PacketChat is a California S-Corp startup based in Rocklin, California, established in 2018. We're a brand-new family-owned small business.


Jonathan Taylor,(Temtel) is the inventor of the PacketChat Radio. He was a hopeless garage tinker-er, and fell in love with Amateur Radio in 2007, learning quickly its history in emergency response worldwide, especially when traditional means of communication break down. Packetchat began with a whitepaper in 2012.

After learning about PacketRadio, and the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS), JT was hooked. He realized there was an un-tapped potential in the text messaging specification of the protocol,and vowed to make it more accessible to emergency responders and emergency radio communications specialists.

When JT approached his friend John Carberry (Crackerjack) with a whitepaper about his idea, Crackerjack was intrigued, and fell in love with the idea too. He has been a valuable asset in motivating, funding, supporting and reviewing the project as it has progressed. Together they incorporated the business in 2018. Shortly thereafter, they realized that running a business is hard, and hired Joanne Taylor as the President and CEO of PacketChat. That's when things REALLY took off!

Our hope is to make these inexpensive radios available to everyone, world-wide, especially in developing nations where traditional means of communication can be unreliable, especially during disasters. We believe that these radios will keep families and communities safe!

Vision Statement:

Be prepared with PacketChat, communicate without boundaries, and be there when it counts!

Mission Statement:

“With steadfast dedication, we will lead the transformation of technology into the digital age through an open-source commitment to overcome worldwide communication limitations.”

Core Values: