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August 4, 2019

A message from our founder, Jonathan Taylor:

PacketChat is a brand new startup. I have a full-time day job, and work on this nights and weekends. I think we've got a great idea, and we've made a few working radios, but progress has been slow, and urgency is on the rise. The solution still needs a lot of stabilizing work in software, firmware and hardware, to be ready for prime-time. We incorporated as a business to get serious about it, because we really believe the community will benefit. You can help us make this dream a reality by donating to PacketChat.

Please understand, I'm not selling stock. This is not an investment, nor is it a way for you to become a part-owner of my company. This is basically a "T-Shirt and knick-nacks" style fundraiser via PayPal. It's how we raise just enough money to cover the costs of materials, skilled labor, manufacturing and overhead to make these radios, and the PacketChat dream, a reality.

Second-- do you have skills we'll want to hire for very-modest pay? Or better yet, are you super-skilled, and would simply love to put those skills to good use for a radio project that will benefit the world community with no expectation of pay or compensation of any kind? Let us know.


Jonathan Taylor, WQ6F, A.K.A., Temtel
Chief "Hacker", PacketChat

P.S. We'll email you to get your T-shirt size & shipping info, or give us a call at 916-624-7487. Thank you for your support!

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